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Born in 19666, I've always loved classical music but listened mostly to what call 'rock music' in my life, but not so rock in the traditional sense of the word : mostly progressive/art rock ! also Celtic music, electronic/synth music from Tangerine Dream to Vangelis and Kitaro, heavy rock of the seventies, more recent progressive metal, and some UFO-like artists including Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard - among many other things, plus more and more classical music and ancient music from Renaissance and Middle-Age as years went by, plus a bit of movie scores. My favourite composers tend to be JS Bach, Frederic Chopin, Camille Saint-Saëns, Vivaldi, Fauré, Franck and Brückner. and Patrick Cassidy, it seems ! Immortal Memory is one of the most beautiful music I've ever heard and I decided only recently to seriously seek (again) for some Patrick Cassidy music... I recently found Children of Lir and love it to bits.



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