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Trailer for John Micheal McDonagh's new film Calvary starring Brendan Gleeson

Movie scored by Patrick Premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2014

The Hollywood Reporter: 'This is a film of rich layers – glorious comedic highs are interwoven with meditative moments and flashes of startling hostility and violence. The underlying solemnity is channeled in Patrick Cassidy's soulful, quasi-sacred score, and in the majestic drama of the physical settings'. Variety: 'A completely sincere work…this literate, beautifully crafted picture should translate near-certain critical plaudits into a distinguished arthouse reception worldwide… Patrick Cassidy's melancholy score is summoned at just the right moments'.

INDIEWIRE: The feat is nudged along by Patrick Cassidy's sweeping score, which vaults choral arrangements and string numbers across the theater in a panoramic sound design that mimics church acoustics.



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