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A renowned Irish born composer of great distinction and reputation, Patrick Cassidy came into prominence with the release of the Children of Lir, (the setting of the great Legend) the first major symphonic work written in the Irish language. Recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and Choir, it remained at Number One in the Irish Classical Charts for over a year.

Studying piano and harp from an early age, Patrick developed a singular style of composition, involving lush melodies and layered orchestration. Distinguished by his emergence as Ireland’s most prominent composer, the BBC subsequently produced a documentary reflecting this seminal work.

After graduating from The University of Limerick with a masters degree in Applied Mathematics, Patrick released his debut album, “Cruit” in 1988 which featured music by 17th an 18th century Irish Harpists adeptly arranged for both the Irish harp and a baroque ensemble. From this foundation, emerged his epochal work, “The Children of Lir,” which resulted in Patrick receiving the “Person of the Year,” award by the city of Limerick for his contribution to culture. Subsequently, he was bestowed the Medal of Honor and Distinguished Alumni Award from his University.

"Famine Remembrance" was commissioned to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Hunger in Ireland. It received its premiere on March 10, 1996 at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, to a distinguished audience of politicians, dignitaries and celebrities. The accompanying narration was read by actress Angelica Huston. The work has been performed throughout the US, including several occasions where funds were raised for various charities. In June 2007, “Famine Remembrance” was performed at the opening of Toronto’s Ireland Park, location of the “Irish Famine Memorial” with the President of Ireland Mary Mc Aleese in attendance as special guest.

Currently, Patrick Cassidy resides in Los Angeles where in addition to his concert work and compositions, he scores and collaborates on film and documentary projects. Notable credits include; Hannibal, Veronica Guerin, Confessions of a Burning Man, Salem’s Lot, King Arthur, Layer Cake, Che Guevara, Ashes and Snow, Kingdom of Heaven, The Front Line, L'Aviatore , The Irishman.

Patrick composed the original music in its entirety for the art exhibit,"Ashes and Snow"adding depth to the featured photographs of Gregory Colbert. Over 10 million visitors attended from a multiple of four continents, therefore resulting in historically, the most widely viewed exhibition by a living artist.

Patrick’s sublime aria, “Vide cor Meum” was originally intended as a “mini” Opera for the Ridley Scott film, “Hannibal” and subsequently utilized by the same director for the film “Kingdom of Heaven” This aria has been presented at both the Oscar and Emmy Awards and “Vide cor Meum” has appeared in multiple top-ten lists and essential collections throughout the world including the Warner Classics CD, the “40 Most Beautiful Arias.” Significantly, Patrick Cassidy is noted in this distinctive collection as the only living composer.